What is credit insurance?

Credit insurance compared

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Do I need a credit insurance policy?

… should be a question for any business.

Different businesses demand different credit management strategies. But Coface Credit Insurance fits into any strategy, with so many different kinds of cover plus unrivalled business intelligence.

Credit insurance v bad debt protection

Bad debt insurance is limited to customer insolvency, whereas Coface credit insurance provides much broader cover and more.

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Credit insurance v self insurance

Self insurance simply means setting money aside in case of bad debt. It can save on the costs of the premiums, but the downside is tying up a lot of money that could be available to your business.

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Credit insurance v factoring

Factoring is selling accounts receivable at a discount to a third party, who then collects the bill and takes on the risk. Upside: You are certain to be paid. Downside: It’s certain to be less than the full amount.

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Credit insurance v information reports

Information reports and credit checks are built into your Coface Credit Insurance, so why choose a solution that provides one without the other?

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Credit insurance v accounts receivable insurance

Accounts receivable insurance is simply another name for credit insurance. Under either name, a policy enables you to claim back money lost if a payment due from a customer is not paid.

Credit insurance v export insurance

Export insurance covers only buyers in other countries. It takes into account the many risks of export, including war, riots, political change and the sudden imposition of trade restrictions or tariffs.

Coface it first and trade with confidence.

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