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Credit insurance for fuel, oil and gas companies

In the fuel, oil and gas industry, tight margins are the norm, which makes bad debt an even greater risk.

Processing, distributing, trading, bunkering, fuel cards…whatever your precise business, with Coface you’re dealing with a credit insurance provider who understand your day-to-day problems.

Good bet or potential bad debt?

At its simplest, credit insurance enables you to claim for the loss if an invoice is unpaid, but that’s just the start. Through our database of 80 million companies, you can check the creditworthiness of customers before you start to deal with them.

Remember, bad debt isn’t only caused by the insolvency of a direct customer. Sometimes it’s a customer’s customer – or a problem even further along the pipeline.

So why have credit insurance?

Having credit insurance can also enable you to negotiate more favourable trading terms. It can make you a better prospect for potential investors too. And we can help you improve your credit management systems so you’re operating more efficiently.

Best of all, with bad debt worries on the back burner, you can focus on managing, developing and growing your business.

Know more, grow more

In an industry that’s especially sensitive to political events and economic changes around the world, our exclusive global business intelligence is an essential resource. We can help you to know more with:

  • A database of up-to-date financial information on 80 million companies in the UK and around the world
  • Country and sector reports
  • Exclusive insights into economic and business trends around the globe

Coface it first and trade with confidence.

To find out how Coface Credit Insurance can help your business contact our team for your free, no obligation quote.


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