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At Coface, we understand that every business is different. So tailor our solutions to suit your needs and sector.

    • Get critical insights relevant to your sector
    • Monitor and protect supply chains
    • Get expert support, whenever you need it

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    As a manufacturing business you’re in the middle of a suppliers’ and buyers’ network. That puts you at varied risk.

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    You’ll often need to pay wages months before clients pay invoices, placing a huge stress on your cash flow.

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    Insolvency is a word companies in the construction, engineering and infrastructure sectors hear all too often.

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    Fuel, oil and gas

    In the fuel, oil and gas industry, tight margins are the norm, which makes bad debt an even greater risk.

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    Food manufacturing

    Food and drink manufacturing comes in all flavours. You need risk solutions that are as unique as your business.

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    Media and advertising

    Advertising, media and marketing businesses are more susceptible than most to bad debt.

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    Transport and distribution

    Managing vehicles, people, premises, goods, and fluctuating fuel prices is work enough. Don’t add customer insolvency to the list.

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    Our Services

    Credit Insurance

    Protect against bad debt, late payment, disputed debts, customer insolvency, pre-shipment risk, natural disaster and political risk.

    International Debt Collection

    Use our professional and effective service to collect late payments. Leaving you free to focus on your core business.

    Business Information

    Check the financial health of your suppliers, monitor your sector, make stronger deals and avoid risk.

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