Help manage specific risks and create optimum conditions for growth

Credit insurance for Pharmaceutical companies

Our credit insurance solution will be as unique as your business.

Our experts can help you manage your specific risks and create optimum conditions for growth.

Coping with complexity

Every pharmaceutical business is like a junction where a network of buyers and suppliers meet. As one of the world’s leading credit insurance companies, we have wide experience of the sector.

With all that in mind we’ll create a bespoke policy that covers the real risks you run from customer insolvency or other causes of non-payment.

We can also help you create credit management processes that work the way the pharmaceutical industry works.

Know more, grow more

By working with Coface our credit insurance specialists can arm your business with the most precious commodity of all: knowledge.

  • Know whether customers are creditworthy before you deal with them
  • Get the inside track on business and economic trends
  • Tap into authoritative country and sector reports

Want to know how Coface can help your business know more and grow more?

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