You need credit insurance if you extend credit to customers, and many businesses do.

One of the largest single dangers to your business is non-payment. An interruption in your cash flow means that you can’t pay your bills, which could have a serious knock on effect on one of your customers, potentially disrupting the whole supply chain. One domino falls and the whole row collapses.

How can credit insurance help?

Once you have Coface Credit Insurance in place, you become the domino that stands strong. If a customer defaults, you can claim back the cost of the unpaid invoice. So your cash flow doesn’t suffer, and neither do your customers.

For example

  • Imagine your average net profit margin is 5%
  • A customer disputes an invoice just when your business needs to restock or buy new equipment
  • Result: you don’t receive the £10,000 they owe you
  • At 5% replacing that £10k demands a £200k increase in sales
  • But you have credit insurance, so you can claim to cover the loss
  • Any increase in sales counts as growth, not merely surviving

Safeguarding the future of your business

With Coface you can have the right information and the right protection

  • Enabling you to vet potential customers' creditworthiness with financial health checks
  • Alerting you if a current customer becomes less creditworthy
  • Allowing you to claim and replace the cash lost if non-payment occurs

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Coface’s international reach meant that plastic card manufacturer, Nitecrest, was able to expand its export business and win new orders, without worrying about bad debt.

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Case studies

World Direct Travel

As an entirely self-funded business, working to tight margins, World Direct Travel decided Coface’s credit insurance was the most cost-effective way to limit its exposure to client insolvency.

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