Coface Supply Check

Helping you understand your supplier risk and delivering a secure business foundation
  • Monitor the financial health of suppliers to ensure the stability of your supply chain
  • Gives you key information so you can safely select new suppliers
  • Enables you to anticipate any issues that could put your business at risk

Control your supplier risk

Understand your supplier: WHY?

Your supply chain could be at risk if you don't understand your supplier's financial situation, particularly if it is deteriorating or worse, completely failing.

These risks are often underestimated but by being aware of them, you can mitigate the risk.

Evaluate supplier risk: HOW?

To secure your supply chain you need know how financially secure your suppliers are. Information on this can be difficult to obtain, especially if they are on the other side of the word.

You need the right information to evaluate and monitor the financial stability of your suppliers.

How can Supply Check help?

By continuously monitoring a supplier’s situation you can react to any potential disruption thereby protecting your own ability to deliver on time.

Integrate your finance and purchasing departments to improve visibility of supplier performance.

Discover how our risk management tools will protect your supply chain

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Know the financial capacity of your suppliers

Credit Opinions

These detail the credit limit we would recommend for a company, based on its trading history, management information, general financial health, and also taking into account the risks associated with the sector and country where it is based.

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Estimate the likelihood of your suppliers to default

Debtor Risk Assessment (DRA)

On a scale of 1 to 10, our authoritative DRA scores give you the probability of any company, anywhere in the world, defaulting on its debts.

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Obtain vital information on your suppliers

Information Reports

With standardised template layouts, these reports allow you to make quick and informed decisions to check on your current or new suppliers.

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