International Debt Collection

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Coface International Debt Collection specialises in effective and efficient, stress-free debt recovery.

Failure to collect on debts and late payments can significantly influence your cash flow and bottom line. 25% of bankruptcies are due to unpaid debts, and a single large debtor can severely limit your business dealings and even threaten the livelihood of your company.

We provide a single point of contact, regardless of the debtor country. Limiting your losses, minimising disruption to your business, and providing access to local legal teams.

We understand that speed is essential in recovering debt, which is why we make sure first contact with the debtor is made within 24 hours of checking your files. Contact can be followed up with physical visits, negotiations, and legal court proceedings where necessary and possible.


Why use Coface International Debt Collection?

As a recognised and respected international debt collection agency, our expert service significantly improves the chances of recovering your money and helps support financial planning.

We can offer regular reporting to your company with real-time figures on millions of companies. Our in-depth knowledge ensures you can focus on business development while we focus on financial risk and debt monitoring and recovery.

Using a global, international debt collection company gives you access to information on:

  • 80 million global businesses monitored by us in real time
  • 200 territories checked daily
  • Analysts across 100 countries worldwide
  • Over 4,000 experts globally
  • Data adjusted by country, sector, and current economy

Overseas Debt Collection

Need debt collection on the other side of the world? No problem. Our global network will liaise with local litigation teams to determine the best response for your business. Ensure your company retains its image and reputation. With access to global databases, we can track foreign debtors quickly and efficiently and have a local team of debt collectors follow up on the debts within a day.

Legal systems and requirements vary across the globe, making it vital that you have local knowledge when following up on debts. If your debt is to be collected internationally, it can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming to find a trustworthy legal team that understands the nuances of each country. We have access to specialists in the industry across countries and cultures who can ensure all legal proceedings are handled well and run smoothly.

Coface debt collection offers international businesses extensive services, including:

  • Access to local law enforcement and legal teams. In any case where legal action in court is required, we source and provide the local legal team and follow through on the debt until the hearing is complete
  • A unique understanding of local practices, cultures, languages, currencies, trade, and market conditions
  • A single contact point, regardless of the location of the debtor
  • A team working in local time zones to ensure fast and effective debt collection

Check and Collect

Minimise your chances of not getting paid with Coface Check and Collect. By checking the financial health of suppliers before you trade, you can reduce the risk of late payments. Saving you time, money, and effort in the long term.

  • Run supplier credit checks before and during business with them
  • Monitor your sector
  • Make stronger, less risky deals
  • Keep supply chains moving
  • Trust a reliable debt collection agency to recover outstanding debts
  • React to sector issues as they arise
  • Trade with confidence anywhere in the world
  • Trade safely and confidently with the assurance that Coface will notify you if your risks change

Recover late payments anywhere in the world.

Global business can maximise advantages like new markets, opportunities, and greater growth potential. But international developments also mean more risk. Especially if you are trying to recover money from debtors in different countries with different cultures, laws, and currencies. Around 25% of invoices in Europe are paid late or not at all. 70% of companies in Asia Pacific reported late payments. These late or defaulted debts pose a significant threat to international businesses, especially if you don’t have a physical presence in the country where the debt is present.

Many businesses will spend a lot of time, energy, and money trying to recover their overdue invoices. This is all time taken away from maximising your company’s focus on growth.

Coface International Debt Collection is an international debt recovery service that allows you to recover debts while maintaining client and supplier relations. With 75 years of experience and employees across 100 countries, our expertise gives you peace of mind and business security with assured global reach and local knowledge.

  • Collect outstanding debts quickly while retaining business relationships
  • Reclaim your time and resources to focus on your business while we focus on recovering debts

Our tailored service means we can offer unique provisions for any international company, including B2B, small or large companies, and simple and complex cases.

Because we’re such a large company, we can offer competitive rates that generally work out cheaper than the costs of in-house debt recovery.
Our expansive network, experience, and reach give you access to unique tools that help your business thrive.

Coface International Debt Collection gives you access to:

  • Action on debt recovery within 24 hours
  • Full management of debt recovery, from initial contact to all follow-ups and collections.
  • Tailored service that works for you and is designed for your company, size, and sector

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