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What is URBA360?

URBA360 is an interactive web app that give you access to our unique data and insight for the risk assessment of companies worldwide.

Find your customers, suppliers, and other business partners in the 195 million+ companies, from over 190 countries, monitored and available in URBA360.

Quickly assess the risk with the URBA360 wheel

The URBA360 wheel provides a clear colour code to quickly show you the risk status of a company in 5 key areas:

  1. DRA score – our unique Debt Risk Assessment (DRA) score shows the probability of default for a company in the next 12 months from 0 – 10.
  2. Key financials – all the key financial data you need on a company including turnover, equity, fixed assets, liabilities, and financial results.
  3. Credit opinion – the amount of credit we would recommend extending to the companies based on our global underwriting expertise.
  4. Sector risk – an analysis of the financial strength of the sector the company operates in available for the 13 main sectors of the economy.
  5. Country risk – an analysis of the financial strength of the country the company is based in, including its vulnerability to political and economic risks.

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What makes Coface Business Information unique?

Coface Business Information is the only business intelligence service that integrates our payment experience.

Most business intelligence services provide reports based on filed accounts, which can be years out of date. As a credit insurer we are constantly monitoring over 195 million companies worldwide, keeping an eye on their finances and collecting payment information. We know what companies are paying on time, late or defaulting on payments and we plug this information into to the data provided to you.

We also have over 4,500 boots on the ground in over 100 countries around the world. Our business intelligence is not just based off an algorithm but the expertise of thousands of risk experts, adding their insight and opinion to help you make better business decisions.

Why use Coface Business Information services?

  • Unmatched knowledge – insights on over 195 million companies worldwide
  • More in-depth analysis – data is drawn from our global network of underwriters, risk analysts and boots on the ground giving you greater levels of business intelligence
  • We know a thing or two about risk – with over 75 years’ experience as a global credit insurer we’ve developed an understanding of risk and trade our competitors can only dream of

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Want to know more about Coface?

With more than 75 years of experience as a world leading credit insurer, and a team of over 4,500 experts in 100 countries, Coface is a benchmark in credit insurance, risk management and the global economy.

We support 50,000 clients around the world to build, develop and energize successful businesses.

Our services and solutions protect and help companies in making credit decisions that allow them to improve their commercial development both in the national and international markets.

  • Leading credit insurer
  • Over 700 risk analysts
  • Risk coverage in 200 countries
  • Greater international presence than competitors
  • €700 billion of capacity for business-to-business credit

Visit coface.uk to find out more.

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Our Services

Credit Insurance

Protect against bad debt, late payment, disputed debts, customer insolvency, pre-shipment risk, natural disaster and political risk.

Business Information

Check the financial health of your suppliers, monitor your sector, make stronger deals and avoid risk.

International Debt Collection

Use our professional and effective service to collect late payments. Leaving you free to focus on your core business.