Why do I need credit insurance?

How can Coface Credit Insurance help my business grow?

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Using our knowledge to grow your business

The more you know about a customer, market or territory before you start doing business, the better equipped you are to manage the risks and maximise the opportunities of your trading relationships.

Sell more effectively

Business Information is integral to a credit insurance policy, as it enables you to take a proactive approach to monitoring your customers and their supply chains. This approach will not only minimise any adverse effects due to unforeseen failure but allow you to focus your sales efforts on financially healthy customers.

Build better relationships

Knowing your customers better is another growth-promoting advantage Coface can bring to your business. We have a database of 80 million companies, so you’ll always know who is or isn’t creditworthy. Build relationships with your best customers, and make the most of our ability to monitor customers in case their financial health changes.

Use your cash flow to fuel your growth

Credit insurance allows you to manage your cash flow safe in the knowledge that you are protected against unpaid invoices. This gives you the confidence to invest your sales revenue in company growth.

Enhance your credit management

A credit insurance policy will add a degree of rigour to your credit management processes – assisting your with ledger management and the recovery of unpaid debts, making your business disciplined and primed for growth in the long term.

Attract investors and partners

Having Coface Credit Insurance makes you more attractive to potential investors and lenders, and a better prospect to the suppliers you really want.

Know more, grow more

To us credit insurance means much more than just essential protection from bad debt. It also includes the sharpest, most up to date business intelligence. With Coface you know more, so you can grow more.

  • Pre-qualify new customers before agreeing deals
  • Access our constantly updated database of 80 million companies
  • Know if a customer’s creditworthiness status is changing
  • Get inside knowledge on political and sector risks before entering new markets

Coface it first and trade with confidence.

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