Here are the main points addressed in our latest study on CEE countries:  

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Post-pandemic production relocation: an opportunity for CEE countries?

A favourable context

Foreign trade and inclusion in supply chains had already increased in recent years, supported by EU membership by most CEE (Central and Eastern European) countries in 2004.

Strong assets

  • An educated workforce
  • Geographical proximity to Western Europe
  • Low labour costs
  • Relatively good infrastructure
  • A stable business climate
  • Improving productivity through greater use of automation and “robotization”

Various sectors concerned

  • The automotive industry, the backbone of the industry in this region
  • But also: the production of electrical and electronic equipment, machinery, chemicals, as well as the transport and storage sectors
  • And new opportunities: outsourcing of services through digitisation and a large ICT talent pool

However, investments are necessary

New investments are needed to be in a favourable position, especially in terms of automation and digitisation.

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